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In FY09, IWR initiated a group of four related projects to assess greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with USACE projects. This information will be used to develop future climate change mitigation in the form of GHG emissions reductions. The four projects include:

  • A preliminary top-down approach to estimate GHG for USACE facilities using the same method and team used by the Army Environmental Command in the Army GHG Bootprint study. This work is based on available data.
  • A preliminary bottom-up approach to GHG accounting at a variety of USACE facilities using the same method and team already used for the Army bottom-up accounting at 10-12 installations.
  • A method to datamine to provide GHG estimates of TDY (temporary duty) travel (considered an indirect emission).
  • A multi-criteria GHG wedge analysis based on the top-down and bottom-up estimated for use in prioritizing emissions reductions.

Resources about climate change mitigation include:



Reviewed 20 June 2016


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